"Working with you has given me a refreshed and renewed sense of purpose."

Current Executive Assistant Coaching Client

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Megan at Executive Entourage for my job search. Megan is very knowledgeable in the industry and most definitely with her high level Executive Assistant experience. Megan is so easy to talk to as she understands the role and how it is forever changing. Megan kept me up to date with every step of the interview process and listened to what I was after for my next role. To say she nailed it is an understatement as I originally interviewed for a 3-month contract role for a great opportunity and in the end was offered the role permanently! I would highly recommend reaching out to Megan for your job search or recruitment needs.

Jazmine Mohsen
Executive Assistant
I am really excited to work with you to set up a structure that we could replicate in other businesses and startups to teach leaders and executives how to develop their team and entourage well!!
Zosia Ericksson
Momentum Group Australia
I wanted to work with someone who had the knowledge and experience of years of working with and assisting high level stakeholders and Directors. When I met Megan, I met someone who not only had the knowledge and experience I was hoping to learn but also an individual who was a fantastic listener, extremely approachable and who has become a true mentor and friend.Megan has helped me identify the skills and gaps I needed to improve and also helped me to develop a new role description and tasks that I could pitch to my organisation. I am now a PA to a Director and couldn’t be happier.I am extremely proud of how far I have come under the mentorship of Megan and could not recommend her more highly. I have the confidence and skills to not only work with Directors in Australia, but internationally as well.As workplaces continue to grow and change, the work of a PA also continues to grow and change and I look forward to working with Megan in the future to continue to grow both my skills and confidence.Thank you Megan, I would not be where I am today without your guidance.
Kate McKeown
Personal Assistant to Director
As a result of the pandemic, I started working from home. This experience was new and I just didn't know how best to function amongst other needs. I needed an experienced EA to mentor and guide me in understanding my current position and assist with my career.Then I found Megan via a social network and reached out. She was very willing and readily available. I have enjoyed having access to a C suite EA to guide me when I need help and also set goals and strategies for my career.Megan is always just a call or message away to offer assistance and has been amazing to work with and this has been beneficial to my career.
Peace Chi
Executive Assistant
If you are looking for someone who listens, who understands your needs and desires to raise the bar in your career, Megan is the absolute person to do so. She takes the time to get to know you, communicates clearly, understands your goals and what you really want. She did not only write my CV beyond my expectations, but she also listened when I really doubted myself as I am in the stage of moving up in my career. I would absolutely recommend her CV services for any person who is working in business administration and looking to stand out from the crowd.
Silvia Cheikh Aissa
Executive Assistant
Megan is one of those unicorn clients that is organised, passionate and has a very clear vision in terms of what she can offer. Thanks again Megan, you truly are the perfect balance of warmth and professionalism.
Jasmine Glasgow
Yes Deer Web Design