How to find your next job by networking

How to find your next role by networking

Have you ever wondered how that friend of yours that really wasn’t qualified for a job received an offer for their dream job? You could give them the benefit of the doubt that they interviewed well, but in all likelihood, this probably was due to their networking skills to the right audience. Follow along for strategies on how to find your next job by networking.

Networking is one of those lost arts that social media has, more or less, watered down. In a world where people value followers on Instagram more than actual job performance, it can be hard to network based on your resume/CV alone.

In the modern work environment, networking is more important than ever. Consider these tips to find your next job through networking.

Avoid Being Shy

This is the first and most obvious step to landing your next job by networking. To be honest, it’s rare to see someone in a very high position of power when they are shy. Through experience, they learn to be assertive and confident in their abilities and you can too.

If you’re looking to take your job to the next level, it’s important to look at complete measures of success and understand that, in most cases, one simply cannot be shy.

You’ll need to exit your comfort zone and take on tasks that might not be geared to your strengths. Only by stepping out of your comfort zone will you begin to see that networking really isn’t that difficult.

Plan your approach

Those people on the shy side of the scale may need to be slightly more planned in their approach, which is completely OK. Planning your approach can make you feel confident, knowledgeable and ultimately remembered in your networking experience.

One way to avoid being shy is to write a list of people you wish to connect with. First of all, find out a little bit of information about them on social networks (without stalking!!) and about their business on LinkedIn to see what they do and how you might relate. You can then plan your interaction about what you wish to say and how you are going to approach it. Be sure to network with the right people and make them meaningful interactions.

If you are going to a conference, try and obtain a list of attendees before attending. Take some time before the event to look at the attendees and whether they align with your current role or future role and plan to start those meaningful conversations.

Update Your Social Media Profiles

In the modern world, very few people use word of mouth anymore. Virtually all communicating is done online. For this reason, making a professional and striking online presence is essential.

Think of the social media game as an opportunity to show potential employers who you are and what you do. After all, the hiring staff and HR reps don’t only look at LinkedIn! If concerned, consider locking your social media accounts to friends only. LinkedIn is your ultimate platform to share what you know and your accomplishments.

Consider becoming an Expert in your field

Are you an expert in your given field or want to be known as being an expert in a particular field? Research and show colleagues, friends and acquaintances your knowledge and use your social media accounts to channel valuable information about the subject.

Keep an eye on the market

Do you have a particular workplace you wish to work for? If so, keep up to date with their company profiles and their social media articles to be sure to pounce on any hiring opportunities. Or better still, consider making a direct approach and introduction to the company to let them know you are interested in working for them for their next available opportunity.

Friends of Friends

For some companies, keeping a tight-knit idea of hiring is important and they have in-house referral incentive programs. For that reason, friends of friends can be an important step in networking for your next job.

This doesn’t mean that you must start sending out friend requests to every random mutual friend. However, the next time your co-worker asks you to come to a dinner party or zoom drinks, don’t stay home and watch Netflix. Go enjoy a glass of wine or champagne with some like-minded individuals.

Who knows? A friend of a friend might become your best friend and a colleague at the job of your dreams!

Start networking today! You’ll likely make some pretty amazing connections!

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