Executive Assistant Recruitment Agency Sydney

Welcome to Executive Entourage! Your Exclusive Executive Assistant Recruitment Agency services in Sydney. Providing recruitment and training options for Executive Assistants to help Recruit or Train and Retain your current talent.

With Executive Entourage, you gain exclusive access to an Award-Winning C-Suite Executive Assistant in Australia and APAC region with 20+ years of experience.

Above all, our experience ensures effective candidate selection. We guide you through your next recruitment process to ensure successful recruitment outcomes.

Executive Assistant Recruitment Agency Sydney

Look no further than Executive Entourage to help you explore your career and business options. We understanding the current EA landscape. Through years of experience, we know how to identify key talent . We quickly identify the knowledge and personal attributes required that will suit your Executive.

We pride ourselves on understanding the company needs, culture, role and requirements. Therefore, we effectively assist your Executive to find the right fit for now and in the future for business success.

We also assist you in Train to Retain your current Executive Assistant as a stand-alone offering or connected to our recruitment packages. Reach out to us today to design a training program specifically for your EA.

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Executive Assistant Job Search

Our vacant roles are filling fast before the need to advertise. Feel free to reach out for a confidential conversation and guidance on your next ideal role.

Apply now to be part of our pool of amazing candidates to not miss out on your next career opportunity.

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Executive Assistant Coaching & Mentoring

All levels of EAs can benefit from professional guidance from an expert. First and foremost, we are committed to ensuring they are engaged, committed, productive and driven for success in the business and their position.  Therefore, investing in a mentoring program is proven to greatly assist overall wellbeing, retention and job satisfaction.

Above all, our programs are tailored to each person’s professional goals and career aspirations to ensure they get the most out of their program. 

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Executive Assistant Networking

Our Executive Assistant Network is growing daily. Make sure to sign up to be involved in the conversation.

Keep up to date with our tips, tricks, inspiration and insights into the Executive Assistant role. Designed to help EAs in their careers and day to day roles. Make sure to join today!

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Executive Assistant Insights

We regularly post updates to socials and insights with tips, tactics and inspiration for Executive Assistants. Keep following our socials and website to find out what is new in the EA space!

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Be sure to reach out and Contact Us to collaborate with your next Executive Assistant recruitment or training needs.

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